Downloading and installing Umple

Below are instructions for downloading and installing Umple, a model-oriented programming technology that lets you model in code. Here is more information about Umple, or try it online without downloading, using the UmpleOnline tool

A. Requirements to run Umple

Umple can be used on Mac-OS, Windows or Linux.

For command-line use

For Eclipse


B. Directions

B.1 Downloading Umple (choose from the following options)


B.2 Installing and running the Umple compiler in Eclipse

Full directions for installing the Eclipse plugin can be found on this Umple Wiki Page.


B.3 Running the Umple compiler on the command line


B.4 User Manual

Refer to the Umple user manual for comprehensive help programming in Umple. The API quick reference and grammar quick reference may be of particular help for power users.