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1 day ago build.5392
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1595 from umple/issue#1577 Fixes #1577 "Crash on generating diagram if there is too many error messages"
Jingyi Panremove debug code
Jingyi Panappend error message to the file when error is contained in multiple output.
1 day ago build.5391
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1594 from umple/FixManualErr180Pointer Fix bad URL for error 170 in the manual
Timothy LethbridgeFix bad URL for error 170 in the manual The en.error file was pointing to the input rather than the output
2 days ago build.5390
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1593 from umple/issue#1592 Fixes #1592 "plus sign being omitted in download file"
Jingyi Panpercent encode plus sign
3 days ago build.5389
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1591 from umple/issue#1586 Fixes #1586 "Crash in compiling state machine that has an after and an event with guards"
Jingyi Panfixed the issue. Created a test case in UmpleParserStateMachineTest
4 days ago build.5388
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1589 from umple/issue#1587 Fixes #1587 "Incorrect class diagram drawn by GraphViz when there is an ampersand in a variable comment"
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1590 from umple/SecurityPolicy Create [skip ci]
TCLethbridgeCreate [skip ci] Github recommends adding a security policy in a standard format
Jingyi Panreplace ampersand with html entity
4 days ago build.5387
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1588 from umple/issue#1582 Fixes replaceAll function failed on Chrome and Edge
Jingyi Panusing replace function with regex
5 days ago build.5386
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1583 from umple/issue#1582 Fixes #1582 "Download of Umple file results in the file being cut off after double ampersand"
Jingyi Panreplace all ampersand in uri
Jingyi Panmake variable local
Jingyi Pan[skip ci] update allumple-min.js
Jingyi Panremove debug code
Jingyi Panfixes the issue by escaping double ampersand in GET URL
5 days ago build.5385
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1585 from umple/issue#1584 Fixes #1584 "Certain kinds of comments (with less than or greater than) result in failure to generate graphviz"
Jingyi Panreplace all greater than and less than sign within comment in codeGeneration
6 days ago build.5384
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1581 from nickbailuc/master line 9 Grammar: Changed "occurs" to "occur"
nickbailucline 9 Grammar: Changed "occurs" to "occur" Alternatively this can be rewritten as: "This message occurs in several contexts"
7 days ago build.5383
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1580 from umple/RedoUndoImprove Redo undo improve (and merging earlier ones)
Timothy LethbridgeMerging with master
Timothy LethbridgeSelect line at correct place when undo or redo
Timothy LethbridgeDevtools function to quickly minify
Jingyi Pandelete changes in PR#1569
Jingyi PanDo not update code panel in Page.setUmpleCode() if codeChange is false
9 days ago build.5382
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1576 from umple/paletteView Improve palette view & Add feature dependency option
Timothy Lethbridge[skip ci] adding min.js so shows in Docker
gublan24linking the feature model to feature depend.
gublan24uncheck feature depend. option
gublan24add example for feature depend.
gublan24change graphviz layout type for feature dependency selection
gublan24fix Page.useGvFeatureDiagra
gublan24add action js
gublan24add feature dependency suboption
gublan24fix default diagram options
gublan24hide unrelated options for each diagram type
gublan24add comments for each UI option
gublan24rename Show View li id
gublan24reorder Show View & Diagram view
11 days ago build.5381
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1575 from umple/issue#831 Fixes #831 "cruise.statemachine.test.DoActivityTest sometimes fails due to race condition"
Jingyi Panre-enable stopProcessingIfYouLeaveTheState test
Jingyi Panadd Thread.sleep(500) to prevent race condition
13 days ago build.5380
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1569 from umple/issue#1409_part2 Issue#1409 Follow-up "re-enable trimOverlappingAssociations functionality"
Jingyi Pansmall revise
Jingyi Panremove debug code
Jingyi PanNow the cursor position will only be set once even when setUmpleCode is invoked multiple times. Constains debug code
Jingyi Panmerge master and resolve conflict
Jingyi Panre-enable trimOverlappingAssociations functionality. Reset curosr position after code mirror text being updated
15 days ago build.5379
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1573 from umple/GvFeatureShapes Fix or and xor shape
Ubuntufix shape of or and xor
16 days ago build.5378
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1572 from umple/issue#1571 Fixes #1571 "Editing on the layout editor will not update the umple diagram"
Jingyi Panreplace umpleTyped() by umpleCodeMirrorTypingActivity()
22 days ago build.5377
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1568 from umple/issue#1519 Fixes #1519 "Use of a filter with a trait that has an attribute causes compiler crash"
Jingyi Panupdate comment
Jingyi Panfixes issue#1519
24 days ago build.5376
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1567 from umple/PhPTestNoXMLFix [skip ci] bypass testing if no Php DOM
Timothy Lethbridge[skip ci] bypass testing if no Php DOM
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1561 from umple/issue#1525 Progress on #1525 'Refactor PhP testing', php-xml package is still required in both PHP5.6 and PHP7.2.
Jingyi Panfixes count() and time() exceptions
Jingyi Panfixes unit test fail again
Jingyi Panfixes unit test fail
Jingyi Panremove debug code
Jingyi Panfix all exceptions in php7.2 and php5.6. Contains debug code
24 days ago build.5375
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1566 from umple/issue#1565 Fixes #1565 "Prevent 'Download the following as a zip file' from disappearing"
Jingyi Pancreate a donwloadArea to prevent the link from dispearing
26 days ago build.5374
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1564 from umple/issue#1562 [skip ci] Fixes #1562 "gdpr cookie is not saved when umple code is blank"
Timothy LethbridgeMerge branch 'master' into issue#1562
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1563 from umple/issue#1409 Fixes #1409 "Cursor jumps to start of text window in UmpleOnline"
Jingyi Pansolved uncaught error caused by PR#1546
Jingyi Pan[skip ci] Fixes #1562 by saving preference cookie even if umple code is blank
Jingyi Pan[skip ci] Update allumple-min.js
Jingyi Pandisable trimOverlappingAssociations function
29 days ago build.5373
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1560 from umple/FixExamplePanel [skip ci]Fixing feature example view
Timothy Lethbridge[skip ci]Fixing feature example view
about 1 month ago build.5372
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1559 from umple/featureModelExample Feature model examples
TCLethbridgePrevent php compile test of HeloWorld_SPL An umple file with embedded Java code was being compiled under PhP during testing, causing test failure
TCLethbridgeAdding skipcompile comments Preventing test failure due to lack of generated code
AbdulazizUpdate umple.php
AbdulazizUpdate BerkeleyDB_SPL.ump
AbdulazizMerge branch 'featureModelExample' of into featureModelExample
Abdulazizfix auto-update view after selecting FM examples
Abdulazizupdate js files
Abdulazizchange the diagram type in umple_action.js
Abdulazizupdate umple_page.js
Abdulazizadd HelloWorld SPL
Abdulazizadd citation for first example
Abdulazizadd example of feature models to umple main page
Abdulazizfix auto-update view after selecting FM examples
Abdulazizupdate js files
Abdulazizchange the diagram type in umple_action.js
Abdulazizupdate umple_page.js
Abdulazizadd HelloWorld SPL
Abdulazizadd citation for first example
Abdulazizadd example of feature models to umple main page
about 1 month ago build.5370
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1558 from umple/issue#1554 [skip ci] Fixes issue#1554. Now providing a html link rather than using js window.location.href
Jingyi Panremove dropbox link. make download link disappear after 30 seconds
Jingyi Pan[skip ci] remove debug code
Jingyi Pan[skip ci] Now providing a html link rather than using js href
about 1 month ago build.5369
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1556 from umple/issue#1488 Fixes #1488
Jingyi Panremove print in testcase and debug code
Jingyi PanMerge branch 'master' into issue#1488
Jingyi Panremove debug code
Jingyi Panfixes the issue#1488. Contains DEBUG codes
about 1 month ago build.5368
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1557 from umple/issue#1546 [skip ci] Fixes issue#1546 "not turn off the scrollbars when 'photoReady' option is enabled."
Jingyi Pan[skip ci] not turn off the scrollbars for photoReady option
about 1 month ago build.5367
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1555 from umple/UserManualPage Update 5001usingUmpleOnline.txt
TCLethbridgeUpdate 5001usingUmpleOnline.txt
about 1 month ago build.5366
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1553 from umple/FixSVGScale1537 Fix svg scale fixes #1537
Timothy LethbridgeCleaning up messages in manual examples
Timothy LethbridgeFixes SVG so all servers have correct size
about 1 month ago build.5365
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1552 from umple/FixTopLevelAspectDoc Fixing top level aspect compilation
Timothy LethbridgeFixing top level aspect compilation
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1550 from umple/issue#1521_UmpleManual Update Umple Manual for issue#1521
TCLethbridgeUpdate 4007TopLevelAspect.txt
TCLethbridgeUpdate 4008AspectAroundStatement.txt
TCLethbridgeUpdate 4007TopLevelAspect.txt
Jingyi Panupdate UmpleManual for issue#1521
about 1 month ago build.5364
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1551 from umple/fix_makePermalink Fixes makePermalink glitch on some server
Jingyi Panfix double root
Jingyi Panfix makePermalink
about 1 month ago build.5363
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1548 from umple/issue#1521 fixes Issue#1521 Allow aspects to be top-level entities
Jingyi Panremove all debug codes in
Jingyi Panfix around keyword.Simplify grammar
Jingyi PanMerge master
Jingyi Pantemplate test pass
Jingyi Panadd tearDown to detroy extra class files
Jingyi Pandebug codes deleted. Template Tests will fail
Jingyi Panmixset aspect done. test fail
Jingyi Panmixset is still not working
Jingyi Panmost features are completed, need more testing
Jingyi PanMerge branch 'master' into issue#1521 Merge branch 'master' into issue#1521
Jingyi Panmodel.getUmpleClass(Student) returns null
Jingyi Panproduce errors in building process
about 1 month ago build.5362
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1549 from umple/parseUmpFilesInsideMixsets Progress on parsing Umple files inside not-used mixsets
Abdulazizadding a test case.
Abdulazizfix linking req-st reading from ump files
Abdulazizrefactor parseMixsetFragmentNotUsed(..) to deal with use-statments
Abdulazizhidden fragments should not added to a mixset
Abdulazizread files within NOT used mixset
about 1 month ago build.5361
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1547 from umple/Issue1545 [ci skip] Fixes #1545 gv download from state machine
Timothy LethbridgeFixes #1545 gv download from state machine
about 1 month ago build.5360
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1543 from umple/FundingYML Create FUNDING.yml
TCLethbridgeCreate FUNDING.yml
about 1 month ago build.5359
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1544 from umple/isFeatureMixset Progress on parsing mixsets not used
Abdulaziztest req-st for unused mixsets
Abdulazizupdate test cases
Abdulazizfix Graphviz subfeature shapes
Abdulazizchange sub --> subfeature in req-statement
Abdulazizclarify some code comments
Abdulazizfix empty mixset fail
Abdulazizparse mixset not used recursive
Abdulazizfix error caused by refacctoring
Abdulazizcomments on added code
Abdulazizrefactor analyzeMixset(..)
Abdulazizadd isFeature to Mixset model
Abdulazizadd grammar for isFeature
about 1 month ago build.5357
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1542 from umple/UmpleSelfDocFix fixes #1541 [ci skip] load correct javadoc
Timothy Lethbridge[ci skip] load correct javadoc
2 months ago build.5356
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1540 from umple/fix_1522 Fixes #1522, and add a test case
Jingyi Panfix issue1522 and add a test case for that
2 months ago build.5355
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1539 from umple/issue1536TestCaseInvoke For issue #1536: invoke the newly added test case in
Jingyi Panfor issue1536: invoke the newly added test case
2 months ago build.5354
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1538 from umple/issue1536 fixes #1536 guards with a variable with a word starting with not now parse
Jingyi PanUpdate umple_constraints.grammar
Jingyi Panfix issue1536
2 months ago build.5353
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1535 from umple/testGenUserManual Test Generator user manual update and clean-up
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing an example in user manual for generic testing, missing semicolon
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing an example in user manual for generic testing
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] user manual for generic testing in Umple Test Language
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing an user-defined method failing on PHP when compiling manual examples
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing missing file for user manual
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] clearing generated test files
Sultan Almaghthawi[Testgeneration] fixing user manual example for testing with mixset
Sultan Almaghthawi[Testgeneration] updating user manual for testing with features
Sultan Almaghthawi[Testgeneration] updating user manual for tests
Sultan Almaghthawi[Testgeneration] updating user manual for automatic test generation
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] updating user manual for testing contents