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2 months ago build.5344
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1515 from umple/casecadeExtendAspect Casecade extended aspect
Abdulazizfix indet. and the test case
Abdulazizfix missing package
Abdulazizadd test case + delete file of last test added
Abdulazizfix error
Abdulazizcasecade extention
2 months ago build.5343
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1514 from umple/semicolonHexCode Semicolons in strings
Abdulazizfix file location
Abdulazizmake the test public
Abdulazizadd test
Abdulazizremove if-st.
Abdulazizonly value token
Abdulazizexcept the grammar file
Abdulazizclean and documentation
Abdulazizallows semicolon using \u003B
2 months ago build.5342
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1513 from umple/aroundForMethodNoLabel_extendBefore Aspect around for methods with no labels
Abdulazizfix file error in test
Abdulazizupdate the test
Abdulazizcheck if beforeInjection is not null
Abdulazizadd test
Abdulazizfix footer
Abdulazizsplit AFTER string
Abdulazizaround acts as before
2 months ago build.5341
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1512 from umple/around Aspect around
Abdulazizfix indent.
Abdulazizignore warning caused by aspect injection.
Abdulazizfix keyword
Abdulazizupdate the test
Abdulazizcatch the warning
Abdulazizadd test case
Abdulazizcall around in JavaGenerator
Abdulazizaround detection in parser and generator
Abdulazizaround as before
3 months ago build.5340
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1510 from umple/synchronizedMethod Synchronized methods
Abdulazizadd space before synchronized
Abdulazizdetele files after test
Abdulazizadd test
Abdulazizadd synchronized to grammar and UmpleInternalParser
Abdulazizadd synchronized keyword for method
3 months ago build.5339
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1511 from umple/FixTravisJava Travis and UmpleOnline Tweaks
Timothy LethbridgeFurther tweaking build
Timothy LethbridgeNot doing umplificator or validator
Timothy LethbridgeTravis and UmpleOnline Tweaks
3 months ago build.5338
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1508 from umple/specificAndConcreteTests Test templates and test runner updates
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing files structure for test runner templates
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGenerator] setup Test runner templates for unit systems, Ruby and Php unit test runner template is yet to be implemented
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] adding template for TestRunner generation for single/multiple classes, this shoul report in the commandline the result of the generated JUnit test result. this will also be used later for the evaluation of the mutation testing and score calculation.
Sultan AlmaghthawiMerge branch 'master' into specificAndConcreteTests Mergin the recent Travis upgrades.
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing Test Template file
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] Fixing tests related to TestGenerator in the Umple compiler.
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] Adding top-level initialization for test class and fixing template structure . Also fixing generate targets for unit languages. making the default JUnit unless otherwise specificed.
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] Fixing test templates for attributes and associations
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] Adding generic tests for methods, only Methods that matches declaration in terms of return value and parameters as well, String method Integer => String getNameById(Integer id) will be propagated. On the other, methods that don't match temlplate declaration will not be generated for that particular generic test case such as Boolean setId (Integer id)
Sultan Almaghthawi[testGeneration] Adding typed attribut for generic test cases
Sultan Almaghthawi[testGeneration] Fixing test failing on server for case sensitivity
Sultan Almaghthawi[testGeneration] Fixing platform specific tests for Umple model/ignoreing unrelated targeted tests. In addition to adding a generic mechanism to write test template for elements such as attribute/method/association. This is done by declaring non-specific test as 'generic' and pass the type of Umple element you want to generically generate your test template for using <<elementType>> as a generic attribute within the test case. This aims to target large number of elements in big models and cut time/cost, also to over come some limitations of the language, in case a developer wants to write their own templates.. The type of element to be targeted for generic test generation will be narrowed down with parameters, for instance, one can write any number of test template for all attributes of type String and for method, it would be by declaring element:method and indicating the type of parameters and returned value. .details in usermanual will be provided soon
3 months ago build.5337
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1507 from umple/UpdateTravisJdk Update travis jdk, php and ant
Timothy LethbridgeTrying add ant-optional
Timothy LethbridgeFixing missing ant in xenial
Timothy LethbridgeUpdating php version
Timothy LethbridgeMoving Travis to jdk12 from 8
3 months ago build.5336
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1505 from umple/PackageErrorFix Remove package names from Inner classes
Abdulazizclean files.
Abdulazizadd test case
Abdulazizimport package not generated for inner elements
4 months ago build.5335
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1504 from umple/buildclean Tweaks to fix minor build artifacts
Timothy LethbridgeTweaks to fix minor build artifacts
4 months ago build.5334
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1502 from umple/staticClasses Umple nested/inner classes (static and non-static)
Abdulazizfix indent.
Abdulazizdestory generated files after test.
Abdulazizadd test cases
Abdulazizmake all inner classes public
Abdulazizfix inner class indent.
Abdulazizinner classes imp. in JavaClassGenerator
Abdulazizfixed the generator.
Abdulazizadd getInnerClasses in JavaClassGenerator.ump
Abdulazizadd inner and static keywords
Abdulazizinner class is added in the model of the supper class. isStatic is added to UmpleClass
4 months ago build.5333
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1503 from umple/updatingTestParser Updating test parser
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] Testcases can be targeted toward specific platforms,if test cases declared as JUnit, then it will only be generated if the xUnit generator chosen is JUnit. The same thing applies for PhpUnit and RubyUnit. This can be used to tag a lit of tetss to be only generated at the concrete level for a particular generator. syntax example: JUnit test testcaseName {//code}.
Sultan Almaghthawi[xUnitTestGeneration] Adding commandline for x-unit generation
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestMutation] Adding the cruise.umple.mutation project, it should allow for mutating the Umple model to evaluate the quality of the test suite. The co
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing a test failing for UmpleVersion reset issue
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] raising warning for using test sequencce without tests and if any test is not included in the test sequence
Sultan Almaghthawi[xUnitTestGeneration] updating Parser grammer rules and the analysis
4 months ago build.5332
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1501 from umple/mergingTestsWithModel Merging tests with model
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] activating some tests
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing tests failing only on server
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing tests failing only on server
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing tests failing only on server
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing tests failing only on server for filename case-sensetivity
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing tests failing only on server for case-sensetive issue
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] fixing tests failing only on server
Sultan Almaghthawi[TestGeneration] Allowing user-defined testcases to be injected in the Umple model
4 months ago build.5331
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1500 from umple/Issue1492 fixes #1492 crash in guards
Timothy Lethbridgefixes #1492 crash in guards
4 months ago build.5330
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1498 from umple/gdpr Add GDPR compliance
Timothy Lethbridgesupressing warning 31 in build
Timothy LethbridgeAdding GDPR compliance
Timothy LethbridgeScript for remote reset of UmpleOnline
4 months ago build.5327
Ralph on branch 'master' of
TCLethbridgeMerge pull request #1496 from umple/issue1487 fixes automatically generated ruby comments
fjtheknightfixes 1487 fixed automatically generated ruby comments