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Community Association

Requirements for this system are as follows:

You are in charge of the website of a community. Residents in the community can sign up to join the community association for a fee of $30. If they do, then they can vote for the executive of the association and can use facilities and attend certain events for free. Only one membership is required per residence and it must be renewed by the end of October each year (it is valid for one year). For each member the system stores the street address, apartment number (if there is one) the email address, the telephone number, and the names of the residents. Anyone under 18 is flagged, as there are special events for these people. The community runs a rink in the winter and three tennis courts in the summer. Members of the community association are given priority to sign up for blocks of time in these facilities, to a maximum of four hours per week. Residents who are not members can sign up 24 hours before their booked time, if there are still any free time slots. When a non-member signs up in this way, they need to give their name, street address and email address. Some time slots in the rink and tennis courts are left unbooked for free 'first-come-first-served' access'

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